Nish Kumar's 'The Mash Report' Is Coming Back on Dave

The axed UK comedy will return as 'Late Night Mash' later this year
Nish Kumar's 'The Mash Report' Is Coming Back on Dave
Back in March, The Mash Report was unceremoniously cancelled by the BBC as a result of its supposed "left-wing bias." However, Nish Kumar's beloved show has now been saved by Dave.

The UK comedy channel confirmed today that it's commissioned nine new episodes of Kumar's satirical news program, which will be rebranded as Late Night Mash.

The show is set to return later this year, and Mash regulars Rachel Parris, Geoff Norcott and Steve N Allen are all set to return. It's unclear, however, which if any other contributors will take part.

Dave made the announcement with a "breaking news" tweet, which culminates with Kuman saying: "We're coming back on Dave? Really? Alright, fine, I guess."

He added: "Mash is rising from the dead. I'm not saying I'm Jesus, I just look more like him than most images would have you believe."

Check out the tweet post.