Montreal Drag Performer Pythia Transforms into Grimes on 'Canada's Drag Race'

The resemblance is actually uncanny
Montreal Drag Performer Pythia Transforms into Grimes on 'Canada's Drag Race'
Last week (November 4), the queens competing on the second season of Canada's Drag Race pulled out their best celebrity impersonations for Snatch Game — and Montreal's Pythia took on the quirkiest character of all: none other than everyone's favourite Marxist, Grimes.

The self-described Greek Goddex rose to the occasion, fully embodying (and bodying) their Grimes look on the game show segment — right down to the elf ears. We've got overalls, we've got black mesh; we've got colourful ribbons, pastel-streaked hair and other sporadic pops of colour. Essentially, we've got Claire Boucher.

Pythia's Grimes began by mistaking Snatch Game host Brooke Lynn Hytes for Jane Lynch, and somehow things continued to get better: she explained that son X Æ A-Xii is actually an external disc drive with a non-binary computer code who poops nuts and bolts, which we've all long suspected.

She also had to reboot mid-game because she'd gone offline to charge her third vagina. Grimes 2.0 then teased that her next album will be called Honey, This Is the Apocalypse, Baby; an apt follow-up to 2020's Miss Anthropocene.

The show was clearly filmed prior to the pop experimentalist's recent breakup with billionaire Elon Musk — and consequent plans to establish a lesbian space commune — but everything else about Pythia's impersonation definitely holds up.

Check out the Montreal queen's recreation of an ethereal Grimes photoshoot below.
The real Grimes is prepping to debut her AI girl group later this week.