Brandon Cronenberg Is Making an Insane-Sounding TV Series Based on a J.G. Ballard Novel

The 'Possessor Uncut' director is now taking on 'Super-Cannes'
Brandon Cronenberg Is Making an Insane-Sounding TV Series Based on a J.G. Ballard Novel
Brandon Cronenberg impressed more than a few film fans with his pretty incredible Possessor Uncut, and now the Canadian director has revealed his next project. Today Cronenberg announced he will be turning J.G. Ballard's novel Super-Cannes into a limited TV series.

While no network has been attached to the project just yet, Gub Neal's Ringside Studios, French media company and distributor Newen, and Andy Starke of Anti-Worlds Film & Television will be producing the series, Deadline reports.

Super-Cannes was first published back in 2000 and tells the story of some ultra-modern high-tech business complex in the hills above Cannes, which houses the technology-advanced elite but also an underworld of crime, sexual perversion and insanity.

So in many ways, it's in a very similar vein to the author's High-Rise, which was also turned into a film by Ben Wheatley.

In a statement, Cronenberg said: "Super-Cannes was an incredibly prescient novel that is more relevant now than ever — a heady blend of cutting politics and deviant psychology, built around a deeply satisfying detective story. I'm thrilled to get the opportunity to adapt it, and to be working on the series with Anti-Worlds and Ringside."

Starke added: "Super-Cannes is one of my favourite novels — a thrilling story that holds a dark mirror to contemporary society and morality — in the hands of Brandon Cronenberg it will be an incredible piece of television"

As is so often the case, no release date or cast has been revealed yet.

As previously reported, Brandon Cronenberg's father, the famed David Cronenberg, is also working on his new film Crimes of the Future.