John C. Reilly Compares Alana Haim's 'Licorice Pizza' Performance to Joaquin Phoenix

The two stars chatted about the highly-anticipated movie for Interview magazine
John C. Reilly Compares Alana Haim's 'Licorice Pizza' Performance to Joaquin Phoenix
Last month, everyone finally got to see the first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's much anticipated, Alana-Haim-led Licorice Pizza

While that tidbit was fun for us, John C. Reilly has seen the whole thing — fair enough, he's in the movie — and he recently chatted with Haim about her first-ever film role for Interview magazine, where he gushed about her performance and said she reminded him of Joaquin Phoenix, and, relatedly, a dumpster-diving raccoon. 

"You know the phrase, 'You can't take your eyes off her?' I've experienced that feeling before, watching a fireplace or a baby, but rarely with adults," Reilly told Haim in the interview. "When I visited the set, I remember sitting there and being glued to the monitor, even between takes. I turned to Paul, and I was like, 'You can't take your f***ing eyes off [Alana].' He looked at me like, 'Right?'"

He then goes on to compare the first-time actor and long-time pop-rocker to Phoenix, saying:

The only other actor who makes me feel that way is Joaquin Phoenix. Watching him is like watching a raccoon rummage through garbage cans. What is he gonna do now? Why look at anything else, while this is going on? It's hard to keep that energy on camera, Alana. Take it from an old clown like me.

That's a pretty solid compliment!

The interview is wide-ranging, with the two talking about falling in love, having kinda messed-up teeth, the late Philip Seymour-Hoffman, PTA, how musicians and actors always want to swap jobs, and, obviously, Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza is coming to theatres on November 26. You can re-watch the trailer below.