Netflix Ups the 'Bandersnatch' Ante with New Non-Linear Anthology Series 'Kaleidoscope'

Giancarlo Esposito ('Breaking Bad') and Tati Gabrielle ('Chilling Adventures of Sabrina') star in the bank heist mystery that arrives January 1
Netflix Ups the 'Bandersnatch' Ante with New Non-Linear Anthology Series 'Kaleidoscope'
Netflix has gone back to the drawing board again on a new series arriving on New Year's Day. Bank heist thriller Kaleidoscope adopts a non-linear storyline, meaning viewers can enter the show from any episode and unfold the mysteries therein in any order.

As it did with Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure-style special Bandersnatch, the platform's latest experiment will allow members' viewing experience to be unique and immersive. The timeline of its eight episodes is similarly mind-bending, spanning 24 years in the past to six months into the future.

Starring Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Tati Gabrielle, as well as Rufus Sewell, Paz Vega (The OA), Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney, Peter Mark Kendall and Niousha Noor, the seriesĀ is loosely inspired by a real-life scenario in which $70 billion USD in bonds went missing in New York City in the wake of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.

An official synopsis reads:

Spanning 25 years, Kaleidoscope (previously titled Jigsaw) is an all-new anthology series following a crew of masterful thieves and their attempt to crack a seemingly unbreakable vault for the biggest payday in history. Guarded by the world's most powerful corporate security team, and with law enforcement on the case, every episode reveals a piece of an elaborate puzzle of corruption, greed, vengeance, scheming, loyalties and betrayals. How did the crew of thieves plan it? Who gets away with it? Who can be trusted?

Check out the first-look explainer below.