Backxwash Teams with Dreamcrusher for New Song "Thumbs Down (Not I)"

It's the latest entry in Adult Swim's singles series
Backxwash Teams with Dreamcrusher for New Song 'Thumbs Down (Not I)'
Backxwash and Dreamcrusher have teamed up for a new single called "Thumbs Down (Not I)" as part of Adult Swim's singles series

The song is unsurprisingly intense, featuring throat-shredding rapping over a harsh, fuzzed-out instrumental. 

In a statement about the song, Dreamcrusher said:

I wrote the lyrics with the thought of what a 'rebel' is and what it means, and if that meaning has changed. I personally think rebellion is being yourself despite the world and how it treats you. I often think about the crossroads and thin lines between integrity and survival, and these days, with everything being so chaotic (especially for marginalized communities and independent artists). I honestly don't give a fuck anymore. I just want to create work that I'm proud of, put it out to the world, and eat the fruits of my labour.

Backxwash added, "This was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with one of the artists I admire and I am happy Adult Swim gave me that opportunity. I think sonically it is the perfect marriage of our styles and that is what collaboration should be all about. Very happy with how this came out."

Backxwash's latest record was this year's I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses. Dreamcrusher's last full-length was 2020's Another Country

Check out "Thumbs Down (Not I)" below.