Chilly Gonzales Wrote a Book About Enya

'Enya: A Treatise on Unguilty Pleasures' arrives this fall
Chilly Gonzales Wrote a Book About Enya
Having wrapped up a Canadian tour right before lockdown, Chilly Gonzales — born Jason Charles Beck — has apparently been making use of his time off. Today, he announces plans for a new book — about Enya

The new literary work, titled Enya: A Treatise on Unguilty Pleasures, arrives (in English) via Invisible Publishing on October 8.

"I wrote a book about Enya and the mystery of taste," the artist wrote of his forthcoming release in an Instagram post. "It's a musician's memoir and a treatise on unguilty pleasures."

Available in English, German and French, the new release aims to "uncover new truths" about music through the lens of the prolific Celtic New Age singer.

Here's a description from Beck's website:

Does music have to be smart or does it just have to go to the heart? In dazzling, erudite prose Chilly Gonzales delves beyond the innumerable gold discs and millions of fans to excavate his own enthusiasm for Enya's singular music and the mysterious musical herself, and along the way to uncover new truths about the nature of music, fame, success and the artistic endeavour.

See the announcement below.

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