Circle Jerks Plan Many Vinyl Reissues of Group Sex

Circle Jerks Plan Many Vinyl Reissues of <i>Group Sex</i>
Legendary Los Angeles punk group Circle Jerks have experienced somewhat of a resurgence connected to the world’s current obsession with all things ’80s hardcore. As such, they’ve decided to reissue their classic Group Sex album in a variety of forms.

For one, the album is being reissued as a picture disc twelve-inch. Some copies of this edition will come autographed by Keith Morris, Greg Hetson and Lucky Lehrer. That version of the record is now available at the Aural Exploits site.

The album will also be issued on pink, clear, blue, red, and yellow vinyl, but things get complicated from there. The blue vinyl will only be available through the American emo chain Hot Topic, with the pink and clear going to your local record shop. The red and yellow vinyl will be coming at you from Porterhouse Records.

If you badly want a copy of the blue vinyl, you can likely find it online somewhere, but have fun Googling the words "circle jerks” and "group sex.”

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