Circle Jerks Working On New Album

Circle Jerks Working On New Album
Remember when a person's word was bond? That kind of stuff just doesn't happen anymore. At least not when their most profitable avenue loses steam and they're forced to find new ventures or revive the bloated corpse of past achievements.

We're talking about how last year, Circle Jerks guitarist Greg Hetson stated that the idea of them creating a new album was not an option. However, he seems to have changed his tune, revealing that the quartet (completed by vocalist Keith Morris, bassist Zander Schloss and drummer Kevin Fitzgerald) are preparing to hit the studio this coming June.

"We have been working hard with producer Dimitri Coats from the Burning Brides and are close to our goal of recording in June," he recently stated. "We are all excited and think we have a classic-sounding record that you will all enjoy."

This effort will be the Circle Jerks' first new material since 1995's Oddities, Abnormalities And Curiosities, save for one single tune released in 2007 that shot right under the radar.

Throwing out a wild guess, it would be a pretty safe bet that seeing as his day job in other punk rock outfit Bad Religion doesn't seem to hold has much prestige as it used to, Hetson's stepping back into the "cool" subculture of the Jerks. Then again, we could just be jaded.

Here's hoping that Hetson going back on his word is a good thing and that the album doesn't suck.