Daughters Canada Songs

Emerging from the ill-fated car wreck that was As the Sun Sets (three of its ex-members are here), Daughters absolutely obliterate all that dare come in contact with them in the space of under 11 minutes and 12 seconds with their “full-length,” Canada Songs. Getting a lot of flack for being pretentious, arty, cocky and arrogant (you don’t want to read their bio), which they may or may not actually be (it’s just metal, after all, so relax) it’s not bragging if you can back it up and Canada Songs brings the ruckus, and lots of it. Not a world removed from ATSS, but without, for the most part, the electronic segues and atmospheric constructions used to pad their releases, Daughters attack like ravenous piranhas, rending the flesh in a whirlwind of minor chord mayhem, frenetic chromatic scales, Primus-like moments of restrained almost melody and devastating split-second breaks and hyper-kinetic grind-derived runs. It’s innovative, frenzied, barely controlled and absolutely breakneck, an unbelievably complex cacophony made even more so by their incredible drummer and serrated structures. Calling Canada Songs an “album” is an insult to albums, but after hearing how many ideas, runs, riffs and musical malevolence Daughters have compressed into 11-plus minutes, it equals anyone’s full-length; 11 minutes of gold beats 40 minutes of crap any day. (Robotic Empire)