Daughters Reveal Details for Third Album

Daughters Reveal Details for Third Album
As we told you back in November, wildly experimental noisecore quintet Daughters have been hard at work on a new full-length. The band have been holed up at the Rhode Island studio Machines with Magnets, and have finally emerged with word that their third album is in the bag.

According to a press release, the eight-song affair is a self-titled. However, how the release is written suggests that the album might actually be called s/t. Either way, it's one of those two.

The PR also builds up this album as a perfect ten, saying it's the kind of record that "satisfies every cultural/musical requisite a critical listener possesses while simultaneously reinventing the wheel... The kind that's so immediately gratifying that you don't even bother to compare your instincts with what today's internet has to say."

There are currently no preview tracks available, so you'll have to see if the hype rings true when Daughters (or s/t) is released on March 9 via Hydra Head. Daughters:

1. "The Virgin"
2. "The First Supper"
3. "The Hit"
4. "The Theatre Goer"
5. "Our Queens (One Is Many, Many Are One)"
6. "The Dead Singer"
7. "Sweet Georgia Brom"
8. "The Unattractive, Portable Head"