Dave Monks Teams Up with Shad on New Single "Don't Get Pushed Around"

The song appears on his upcoming solo album 'I've Always Wanted to Be Me'
Dave Monks Teams Up with Shad on New Single 'Don't Get Pushed Around'
Before the summer ends, Tokyo Police Club frontman Dave Monks and Shad are capturing the vibes with a new collaborative single, "Don't Get Pushed Around," which appears on Monks' upcoming sophomore solo album I've Always Wanted To Be Me

"Don't Get Pushed Around" is an upbeat track that would be the perfect soundtrack to a summer stroll. With shouty vocals, tinny drums and a shredded guitar sound that carries on throughout the track, you can feel Monks believes his empowering message with each second. Shad's verse adds some flavour to Monks' playful vocals. 

When discussing the collaboration between the two, Monks said: "Shad happened to be mixing his record next door to where I was recording. We asked him to come check out a track for a feature, and it just clicked. His string of heartfelt words really makes my one-liner, 'Don't Get Pushed Around,' and is the kind of casual collaboration you hear about but never think will ever happen to you."

"Don't Get Pushed Around" follows earlier 2021 singles "Sweet" and "Love." 

I've Always Wanted to Be Me is set to be released out October 15 through Monks' new label, Ghost Pepper Records. See the album's tracklisting, as well as the "Don't Get Pushed Around" lyric video, below. 

I've Always Wanted to Be Me:
1. Love
2. Set Yourself on Fire
3. Wild Like Me
4. Change Your Mind
5. Sweet
6. Stuck
7. Girl of Mine
8. Vagabonds
9. Don't Get Pushed Around feat. Shad
10. Oh Boy
11. Days That I'm Around
12. Can't Put My Fire Out
13. Deeper Than You Know
14. No Stranger