Destroyer Shares New Video for 'Have We Met' Track "foolssong"

The video started off as a film
Destroyer Shares New Video for 'Have We Met' Track 'foolssong'
Destroyer were in the midst of a massive tour in support of their recent Have We Met LP when the coronavirus pandemic cut everything short. Now, Dan Bejar has shared a new music video for the album's "foolssong."

The clip was directed by David Galloway and David Ehrenreich, who were filming on the road during the band's tour. 

In a joint statement, the directors reveal that the video was intended for a larger project.

"The tour got cancelled. We were making a film. Maybe we still are, it's hard to tell, though," they said. "With any luck, these alien landscapes provide only a temporary snapshot of an unfamiliar world, a glimpse into a future that denotes self-separation, isolation, but on the bright side, maybe a little bit more wonder."

Watch the video for "foolssong" below. T

his potential film isn't the first recent Destroyer project with an uncertain future. Dan Bejar also reportedly recorded with Purple Mountains' David Berman on some songs that were ultimately scrapped.