DJ Sneak Readies 'Fabric 62' Mix

DJ Sneak Readies 'Fabric 62' Mix
As a noted Chicago house great in his own right, DJ Sneak knows his way around a top-notch mix. That's why we can't wait to hear what the adopted Torontonian will do with his own take on the venerable Fabric mix series.

The 18 cuts on Fabric 62 were mixed live by Sneak without the use of computers, further demonstrating just how skilled he is. Boasting appearances from around the globe, the tracks were hand-picked by Sneak, with featured tracks by Markus Homm & Philipp Gonzales, Mendo, Mike Jules and Cause & Affect, among others.

In a press release, the DJ explains, "I've listened to it so many times and I get really excited. That's DJ Sneak right there! I am very proud, excited and confident this mix will entertain for
many years to come... As long as I'm alive, house music is not dead!"

Fabric 62 will be available on March 27 via Fabric. The full tracklisting is available below.

Fabric 62:

1. Strip Steve & Das Glow "Calcium"

2. Markus Homm & Philipp Gonzales "Got To Make It"

3. Basti Grub ft. Agent! "Walking In My Blues"

4. Yeshua Murillo "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" (Joss Moog Mix)

5. Arturo Garces "Light It Up"

6. Tripmastaz "No Turning Back"

7. Mike Jules "Crack Ass"

8. Hector Couto "Creampie" (Darius Syrossian Remix)

9. Mendo "Old School"

10. Alex Tepper "In, Out, Life"

11. DJ Sneak "My Love" (Ramon Tapia Remix)

12. Sir James "Special" (Ramon Tapia Remix)

13. Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind "Cooper"

14. Luca M "Funk My Sax"

15. Muto "Wait A Minute"

16. DJ W!ld ft. Hector Moralez "Take A Trip"

17. Willie Graff & Tuccillo "To The Music" (Tato Remix)

18. Cause & Affect "Beware Of The Swingers"