Elon Musk Isn't Sure If Grimes Actually Exists

Manic pixie dream Grimes
Elon Musk Isn't Sure If Grimes Actually Exists
All of the effort Grimes is putting into looking otherworldly might be paying off. So much, in fact, that her ex Elon Musk has questioned whether or not she's just a "simulation" his mind created.

You read that right! Musk is manic-pixie-dream-girling Grimes so hard that he thinks he may have created her in his own mind. Journalist Devin Gordon — who wrote the Vanity Fair article that revealed the pairing had a second child — appeared on the BBC docuseries The Elon Musk Show where he spilled the beans on Musk's theory.

"She [Grimes] told me repeatedly that Musk has this theory of her that she's not real," Gordon said [via Cosmopolitan]. "That she's a simulation who was created by him and exists in his cerebral cortex as sort of the perfect companion to him. Which sounds a little crazy and maybe even a little creepy, except, she agrees with it. She said she does feel like this simulation which was perfectly created for him."

Gordon added that "her interests are all the same as his and her music is very technologically oriented," explaining that they "both made a similar nerdy joke about a scary AI theory of the future."

Since their reported breakup in September of last year, Grimes and Musk's relationship has been less than conventional. Their second child, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk was born in December, and shortly after the singer began dating Chelsea Manning, though that relationship has since reportedly ended

All that said, it would make at least some sense if Grimes were just a projection from the simulation. Maybe not from Musk's brain per se, but perhaps it could explain why she has such big ideas about the Metaverse.