Fender Launches Kurt Cobain Signature Jag-Stang Guitar for 30 Years of 'Nevermind'

The custom axe was designed by the Nirvana frontman in 1993
Fender Launches Kurt Cobain Signature Jag-Stang Guitar for 30 Years of 'Nevermind'
In addition to strands of hair and a smelly cardigan, a number of guitars owned by late Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain have hit the auction block. If you're looking to avoid paying collector prices for one of his instruments, Fender has now announced plans to produce one of his most iconic six-strings to celebrate 30 years of Nevermind.

In tribute to Cobain and Nirvana's beloved second album, Fender will release the Jag-Stang signature model guitar (seen above) in October.

As its name implies, the Jag-Stang is a hybrid of well-known Fender guitar models Jaguar and Mustang, which Cobain famously used while touring Nevermind and shooting the music video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

The instrument company explains that Cobain designed the Jag-Stang "to combine his favourite elements of both instruments," and had his first built by Fender's Custom Shop in 1993.

"Kurt always played both guitars," Fender's Larry Brooks told Total Guitar. "He took photographs of each, cut them in half, and put them together to see what they'd look like. It was his concept, and we detailed and contoured it to give him balance and feel."

Brooks added: "[Kurt] was really easy to work with. I had the chance to sit and talk with him, then we built him a prototype. He played it a while and then wrote some suggestions on the guitar and sent it back to us. The second, time we got it right."

The new commemorative Jag-Stang model is said to come equipped with Cobain's preferred instrument features, including an alder body built for "a punchy tone perfect for big power chords," a 24-inch short-scale maple neck that "reduces string tension for easier playing," and a 7.25-inch radius rosewood fingerboard that "won't fatigue your hands when chording."

The axe is wired with "vintage-style" single-coil and custom humbucking pickups, each of which are controlled by on-off/in-phase/out-of-phase slider switches.

Further details on Cobain's Jag-Stang signature model can be found here.

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