Grimes Proclaims "God Is Dead" on Metal-Hyperpop Single with Russian Radicals IC3PEAK

She features on the experimental duo's new album 'Kiss of Death'
Grimes Proclaims 'God Is Dead' on Metal-Hyperpop Single with Russian Radicals IC3PEAK
It goes without saying that Grimes can't do anything to surprise us anymore, so why not this? The post-human hacker is featured on a new metal-hyperpop song from experimental Russian electronic duo IC3PEAK's latest album Kiss of Death, released today.

The song is called "Last Day / Новый День," and there's certainly a lot to unpack here. Toggling between English and Russian, IC3PEAK sing, chant and scream about the inevitability of death. Miss Claire Boucher appears on the bridge to offer a heavily autotuned non sequitur: "God is dead / I killed him / Death is a choice / And you will never catch me making it."

Given the geopolitical timing, we would be remiss to mention that this song doesn't seem to be Grimes' way of making a pro-Putin statement. Almost nothing is beyond the realm of possibility for her, but this doesn't appear to be support for the Russian occupation of Ukraine — it's perhaps the opposite, given the Moscow duo's noted stance on the government in their country.

Formed in 2013, the partnership of Anastasia Kreslina and Nickolay Kostilev have always been critical of the Russian government in their music. Consequent attempts to censor their art led to IC3PEAK being detained by police ahead of a concert in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk in December 2018 — shortly after a new governmental crackdown on young musicians in Russian began in response to protests following rapper Husky being prevented from performing in Krasnodar [as per NPR].

If you need Grimes to confirm the death of god for you, listen to "Last Day / Новый День" below.

The Canadian avant-popster was recently announced as tour support for Swedish House Mafia and is reportedly dating Chelsea Manning following her split from billionaire ex-beau Elon Musk, with whom she has two children.