Grimes Says Her New Album Is About "Militarized AI Courtesans," Jokes That Dinosaurs "Were Planted by God"

Someone take her Twitter logins away
Grimes Says Her New Album Is About 'Militarized AI Courtesans,' Jokes That Dinosaurs 'Were Planted by God'
In this life, a few things are certain: death, taxes and Grimes ranting incomprehensibly about weird shit on Twitter. The singer's latest transmissions find her joking — we hope? — about creationism, getting framed for snowballing the Queen, her "ten thousand cancellations" and the questionable themes of her reported forthcoming album Book 1.

Hinting that "Sci-Fi" (her collaboration with the Weeknd) is on its way, that something akin to the aesthetic output of "Shinigami Eyes" would be arriving September 30, and that she's been collaborating with Jennie from BLACKPINK, Grimes also teased that the forthcoming record is "about militarized ai courtesans among other things." She went on to share that the album is "waiting on approvals for [the] next single and mixing."

Additionally, following Elizabeth II's passing this month, the singer recalled a time the Queen was passing through British Columbia on a snow day when Grimes was still in high school: "All day the teachers threatened us no snow balls," the musician born Claire Boucher tweeted yesterday (September 14).

"As she drove past it was dead silent, all teachers high alert," she continued. "And just as the procession was almost past a single snowball arced from the crowd & hit her car. Entire crowd erupted into insanity. I was wrongfully accused and had to spend many hours in interrogations, still to this day the culprit remains unknown. But it was glorious."

Elsewhere, Grimes stated that Earth is 4,000 years old and that "dinosaurs were planted by God to confuse us." Less consequently, she's also apparently Team Edward

See the latest from Miss Boucher below.