Gudrun Gut MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 22

Gudrun Gut MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 22
Photo: Myriam Ménard
Throbbing into the night on a motorik pulse, Berlin-based musician and Monika Enterprise label head Gudrun Gut marked her long-awaited return to Montréal last night (August 22).
Addressing the crowd moments after setting up a hypnotic loop, she estimated the last time she hit the city was some 30 years ago at Les Foufounes Électrique, back when new audiences were accessing her foundational work in the industrial uprising and beginning to apply it to more populist effect. She's laid more groundwork since then, emerging in 2007 with a new solo project serving pop-oriented throwbacks to the evolution of western dance music's underground, so Mutek marked a Canadian premiere of sorts, both for the project and songs from last year's full-length, Moment.
Over roughly 45 minutes, she led the audience on a swirling venture that oscillated between phosphorus ambient passages and pounding dancefloor tracks, leaving the audience on a high with the lightheaded chug of "Baby I Can Drive My Car" while denying cries for more. Let's just hope it isn't another 30 years.