Hear Four Tet Remix Caribou's "Never Come Back"

It's the latest in the Canadian's 'Suddenly' remix series
Hear Four Tet Remix Caribou's 'Never Come Back'
After launching a remix series behind his Suddenly album last month, Caribou has enlisted good friend and collaborator Four Tet (a.k.a. Kieran Hebden) for the next entry.

Like Morgan Geist before him, Hebden has given the danceable "Never Come Back" the remix treatment. The rework, which you can take in below, arrives after its inclusion in Hebden's recent livestream DJ set for Boiler Room.

Speaking with Exclaim! earlier this year, Dan Snaith offered a glimpse at how important Hebden has been to his output as Caribou — especially with the material that became Suddenly. To get a better sense of just how long they've been buds, get a load of those two guy-o's with VAIOs up top.

"We are the closest friends — so much so that I feel like we are family — and I love that people who listen to our music can feel that," Snaith said in a statement. "So of course I thought of Kieran as the person to take on remixing 'Never Come Back'. Needless to say he has smashed it — creating a warped and beautiful techno banger that, as it's inclusion in his recent Boiler Room stream showed, will get people dancing whatever the circumstances."

Caribou's tour dates behind Suddenly have been postponed until October. Read Exclaim!'s recent cover story interview with Snaith.