Huerco S. MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 24

Huerco S. MUTEK, Montreal QC, August 24
Photo: Vivien Gaumand
Huerco S. provided a smouldering ambient set that helped get you centred before making your way to the crowded nightclub.
On a stage set with an imposing obelisk that towered past the venue's balcony and up toward the ceiling, he performed from the foot of the structure, a thick ribbon of smoke projected behind him like incense curling toward the sky for the dead.
Full of shuddering bass and wide yawning drones, there were also alien creatures rustling nervously in the background, transporting the audience to some far-off desert nightscape — full of space but subtly claustrophobic, and still the stuff that'll get you deep in your head. 
In the set's final seconds, he broke the spell and sped it all into a rapid swirl followed by an abrupt halt, and many of the attendees that had laid down on the venue's floor to feel it all in their bones rose to their feet, returning the energy.