Jonny Dylan Hughes Releases New Album as JONNY

Listen to 'Set Your Aim'
Jonny Dylan Hughes Releases New Album as JONNY
Busy Edmonton-based beatmaker Jonny Dylan Hughes released an album with his project BRANCHES early this year, and now he's released another, this time simply as JONNY. Set Your Aim is out now on Bandcamp, with a full digital release to follow.

Set Your Aim focuses on the synthpop side of the musician's output (as opposed to the IDM-tinged electronic music of his BRANCHES work). The 12 tracksĀ combine jittery, tightly wound beats with twinkling sci-fi tones and effects-warped vocals, making for an intriguing combination of anxious and calming textures. The recent single "Devastation" appears here.

The album was self-recorded at home. Despite Hughes' recent material as BRANCHES, it's been 10 years since his last pop album as Jonny Dylan Hughes.

Listen to Set Your Aim below.