Joseph Shabason The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 18

Joseph Shabason The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 18
Photo: Chris Gee
Following the August release of his debut solo album, Joseph Shabason opened the final night of Wavelength's Winter Festival with a series of serene, snowy drifts. Since pursuing the project under previous banner Sicke in late 2016, the live iteration of the DIANA/Destroyer saxophonist's project has typically fluctuated in membership, as he's called on available peers from in and around the city's informal creative music scene to bring them to life.
He assembled an ace six-piece for this appearance, and was joined by DIANA bandmate Kieran Adams (percussion), Bram Gielen (bass/synth), Thom Gill (synth), Phil Melanson (drums), and Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet). The troupe brought a four-pack of ambient atmospheres to the Garrison, opening with a sublime new piece structured around a synth loop written by Italian composer Gigi Masin before "Neil McCauley" and another patient new one built around a spoken clip in the spirit of Aychte's "Westmeath." They capped it all off with a reflective version of the album's minimalist title scene that stretched to almost twice its recorded length, Shabason and Rampersaud trading weightless, mindful releases in turn.

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