Kathryn Calder "When You See My Blood" (video)

Kathryn Calder 'When You See My Blood' (video)
"When You See My Blood" is the name of the latest single from B.C. popsmith Kathryn Calder's new self-titled LP, but don't expect to see a gory throwdown in the new video for the song. As if attempting to get to the bottom of Calder's musical approach, the visuals gracefully and whimsically seemingly present what makes her tick.

As you'll discover down below, the bulk of the video showcases a silhouette of the musician and all that passes through the shell. This includes, as you may expect, blood-pumping veins, but the artistic and intimate look at her insides also reveal anything from flowing oceans, flocking ducks, and various other nature-indebted sights.

As the arrangement unfolds from a quiet whisper into various percussive tones and distortion-dusted melodies, the video likewise works away from its initial framework by presenting a less confined Calder in the flesh.

Tour dates:

04/16 Victoria, BC – Copper Owl
04/18 Vancouver, BC – Media Club #
04/26 Seattle, WA – Columbia City Theatre
04/27 Portland, OR – Alberta Rose Theatre
04/29 San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah
04/30 San Diego, CA – Casbah *
05/01 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy *
05/05 Bellingham, WA – The Green Frog

# with Louise Burns
* with East India Youth