Kevin Saunderson Carillon Park, Saint-André-d'Argenteuil QC, June 28

Kevin Saunderson Carillon Park, Saint-André-d'Argenteuil QC, June 28
Photo: Cindy Lopez
After a chaotic overnight session at Art - Innovation - Movement (AIM) Festival that featured the likes of Tiga, Paranoid London and Edu Imbernon playing festive beats to crowds cloaked in darkness, Detroit techno pioneer and Inner City mastermind Kevin Saunderson was given the tall order of keeping revellers from returning to their tents as the sun rose over Carillon Park. He was, of course, up to the task.
Compared to the wet, tired dancers in front of him, Saunderson looked well rested and cheerful. With an ominous gray sky overhead, the 50-year-old kept things simple for our minds and feet — aggressive beats to go along with rising and receding drum patterns. From his vantage point, it must have looked as though he was ordaining a pagan ritual on a field littered with trash, but he had a beaming smile throughout the set nevertheless. In addition to some Inner City cuts, including "Big Fun," he also devoted a significant portion of the set to delivering a spoken word sample describing the "rules of the game."

It was an unusual setting in which to catch the legend, but he still effortlessly commandeered the moment and kept the party going until 7 a.m.