Lee Fields "100 Yard Dash" (Raphael Saadiq cover)

Lee Fields '100 Yard Dash' (Raphael Saadiq cover)
R&B revivalist Raphael Saadiq hasn't put out an album in four years, but we're getting a bit of new music, in a sense, via a cover of the guy's "100 Yard Dash" from soul king Lee Fields. You can hear the update from the veteran player in an online stream.

Like the original, which came off of Saadiq's 2008 LP The Way I See It, the cover comes together with a wickedly fuzzy guitar lead, a smack and slap of snare, and an impactful vocal performance.

Fields goes for broke on his version, running scared while noting of a certain someone: "No matter how hard I try to ditch your touch, when you're away, oh girl, it's just too much."

You can hear the reinterpretation, which comes as part of E&J Brandy's Generations of Soul campaign, down below.