Lil Nas X Is Going to Be on 'Maury' with His Ex

Who's the father?
Lil Nas X Is Going to Be on 'Maury' with His Ex
Forever tapping into new ways to simultaneously troll audiences and market his music, Lil Nas X is now due to appear in an episode of the classically raunchy Maury Povich Show, where he'll confront his ex over a supposed secret wife and child.

Next Wednesday (November 17), it appears the MONTERO rapper will actually appear on episode of the long-running daytime TV show — or at least according to Povich's official channels.

A trailer for the "exclusive" episode has been uploaded to the host's YouTube channel, and shows Nas's real-life ex-boyfriend Yai Ariza getting the third degree on-air (or in an online iteration, at least).

Of course, this entire setup is likely one massive exercise in trolling, but it's a pretty genius move on the part of Nas and his team. Should the full episode actually air next week, we're due for some seriously deranged paternity testing-based comedy that appears to be some long-winded spin on the rapper's Brokeback Mountain-riffing video for "That's What I Want."

"Is Yai the dad… or will Montero get exactly what he wants?" Povich asks in the clip.

Watch the teaser below, and tune in next week at to see who the father is.