Lil Nas X Pauses Concert to Take a "Mean Shit"

What a load to dump on his fans
Lil Nas X Pauses Concert to Take a 'Mean Shit'
Ever the type to be unapologetically himself, Lil Nas X used a personal emergency to share an intimate moment with his fans. Though it initially sounds kind of sweet, the moment in question was kind of shitty — literally. 

In the middle of the Atlanta stop on his Long Live Montero tour, Lil Nas went offstage and announced to the crowd that he was answering nature's call: "I'm backstage and this is like, not a part of the show, but I'm taking a mean shit. So please forgive me, but I'm going to be like a minute or two and I'll be right back," he said to the crowd while sitting on the porcelain throne. 

While some people online thought he was playing around as usual, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to clear the air (hopefully with some air freshener) and let everyone know he was being dead serious. "lmao people really thought i was joking, i was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet," he tweeted. 

If you ask us, this moment makes his "Late to da Party" single artwork come full circle. Good thing he isn't touring with the Wiggles, or there might be some angry parents in the crowd.

Watch the moment unfold below.