Lizzo Angers Madonna Fans by Anointing Janet Jackson the "Queen of Pop"

She also named Michael Jackson the King of Pop, Usher the King of R&B and Britney Spears the Princess of Pop
Lizzo Angers Madonna Fans by Anointing Janet Jackson the 'Queen of Pop'
Photo: Jora Frantzis
Lizzo has laid out the pop music royal dynasty for everyone, and some aren't so happy with her choices.

Yesterday, August 29, the "Rumors" singer took to Twitter to declare Usher the King of R&B, before continuing her list with Michael Jackson as King of Pop, Britney Spears as Princess of Pop, and, most controversially, Janet Jackson as Queen of Pop.

That last one didn't sit right with fans of Madonna, who has historically been called the "Queen of Pop." Madge fans spent the day rebutting Lizzo's ranking, with "Queen of Pop" trending for several hours. 

Twitter user @Defn28 commented, "Madonna is the queen of pop. Janet is amazing and worthy of a prestigious title but Madonna is officially QoP and has been for many years." Another simply said, "um girl Madonna is the queen of pop."

Others stepped in to defend Jackson's placement, with @BrianAshWilson arguing, "Madonna is not queen of pop to everyone (just to some institutions) Janet on the other hand is most influential and most copied blue print for the females, we all know deep down who the real queen of pop is #JanetJackson." 

The throne seems big enough for both, and Lizzo was careful not to count herself out of the running either, tweeting "Obviously there's a new school coming… but these are the greats. This is the standard."

Lizzo's list also included Tina Turner as Queen of Rock & Roll, Aretha Franklin as Queen of Soul, Mariah Carey as Queen of R&B and Mary J Blige as Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.  

See Lizzo's tweets below: