Maria Usbeck "Moai Y Yo" (Project Pablo remix)

Maria Usbeck 'Moai Y Yo' (Project Pablo remix)
While Project Pablo recently gifted us with a new 12-inch of originals for the newly launched Arbutus side-label SOBO, the beloved Montreal house producer is now putting the flip on another artist's track. Following the recent release of Amparo, the debut album by Brooklyn's Maria Usbeck, Project Pablo has reworked its pulsing lead single "Moai Y Yo."

Down below, you can hear the remix, which injects a mega-relaxed house vibe into Usbeck's song. As a press release explains, Project Pablo's "chemistry is a natural fit for Maria's material that sources a year she recently spent in South America, revisiting with the textures of her youth."

Amparo, which was co-produced by Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, is out now, and so now too is Project Pablo's remix to "Moai Y Yo."