Partner Celebrate "Big Gay Hands" on New Single

Watch the dexterous accompanying video now
Partner Celebrate 'Big Gay Hands' on New Single
Partner are set to release sophomore album Never Give Up, and now they've shared a new song and accompanying video for longtime live cut "Big Gay Hands."

Set to jaunty country-rock instrumentation, the narrative-driven song finds co-bandleader Lucy Niles enamoured by a pool-playing woman at a bar — particularly her hands, as explained by lyrics like "And I couldn't help but notice how you held that cue / Made me wonder what else you know how to do."

Say the band, "This song is about a wild night on the town filled with queer desire. It is an important song to us because it expresses a feeling we know is shared by many. There are a lot of songs out there about women's bodies but this is the only song we know about big gay hands. This song is dedicated to the hotties and to those who love them."

True to the song's title, the video features hands — painted uncannily to look like the band members — as they traverse a miniature world in pursuit of romance and companionship, complete with several beautifully coordinated dance numbers.

"Big Gay Hands" is the latest in a string of recent Partner singles, including "Good Place to Hide (At the Time)," "Hello and Welcome" and "Rock Is My Rock."

Watch the "Big Gay Hands" video below.

Never Give Up is out on November 20 through You've Changed Records.