Partner Go Full 'Wayne's World" in Their "Honey" Video

Partner Go Full 'Wayne's World' in Their 'Honey' Video
Partner are getting ready to release their Never Give Up album, but before they do, the Canadian duo are sneaking in another teaser. This time it's for the record's "Honey" — a song that's guaranteed to make you schwing.

"Honey" has arrived via a new video, which finds Partner going full-on Wayne's World. And considering how rockin' the song is, it's more than a little appropriate.

"'Honey' is the origin story of Josée's golden axe," Partner said in a statement. "In this track we recall how she first found her way to our house and joined the band. It came with a note (from Josée's dad) 'This guitar sounds just like honey going down.' Get ready for some straight up rock'n'roll."

Watch the "Honey" video below.

Never Give Up is out on November 20 through You've Changed Records.