Partner Share New Single "Good Place to Hide (At the Time)"

Partner Share New Single 'Good Place to Hide (At the Time)'
"Gay but not for each other" East Coast indie duo Partner — a.k.a. Josée Caron and Lucy Niles — have shared a brand new single today.

In between tours, Partner have released "Good Place to Hide (At the Time)," their first new music of 2020.

Here's what they had to say about their new song:

You find yourself in a room with a locked door. You have always been there. It is all you have ever known. You have no reason to believe you could leave, no reason to believe you would ever want to. And then one day you hear the murmurs. Faint at first, you can't make out the words. But their very existence tells a truth that you have always known. There is something else. And you search and search and just when you are feeling spent and the bright beam of hope has faded to a glimmer, it reveals itself to you, miraculously. The key. And so you cast aside your doubt and grin with victory. But when you slide the key in, behind the door there is another locked door. The search continues.

We wrote this song over the course of about a year. We had long wanted to explore the idea of hiding, of hidden truths. A chance phrase from our friend Alfred set this song in motion. We hope you enjoy our newest offering.

"Good Place to Hide (At the Time)" follows the band's recent cover of Rush's "Limelight." Partner's latest record was 2019's Saturday the 14th EP. Their last full-length album was their 2017 debut In Search of Lost Time.

The band wrapped up an extended run of North American tour dates late last year, as well as an appearance at Saskatoon's Winterruption back in January.

In addition to a series of U.S. dates coming up, Partner play an Ontario show in Sudbury on Saturday (March 7). See their full tour schedule here.

Listen to "Good Place to Hide (At the Time)" below.