Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp with Blue Hawaii, Junior Boys and Nautiluss Day Two, Montreal QC, March 1

Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp with Blue Hawaii, Junior Boys and Nautiluss Day Two, Montreal QC, March 1
Photo: Red Bull Music Academy
The second day of Bass Camp Montréal began with an entertaining and frank discussion with Jeremy Greenspan of electronic duo Junior Boys. Greenspan talked about production ("The better you are at aping the sound you wanna make, the worse the music is gonna be"), writing music ("I hate writing bridges so I often put a 30 second dance track where the bridge should be and I've been doing that my whole career") and his growing obsession with modular gear.

The Canadian producer also spoke about why he's stayed in Hamilton ("I feel like the whole Junior Boys project is about Hamilton. Especially the new album I'm working on"), his friendship with Steve Goodman (AKA Kode9 and Hyperdub label boss) and getting into UK Garage on a trip to London when he was in his teens, as well as his experiences working with Jessy Lanza, Morgan Geist and Mouse On Mars.

By the second day of studio time, some interesting collaborations and friendships were taking shape between the Bass Camp participants. In the main studio, Gingy and Agor (of Blue Hawaii) were working together on a dance track with vocals from Braids singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston (also of Blue Hawaii). Meanwhile, on the fourth floor studio, Scottish ex-pat Nick Spencer (a.k.a. Holloh) was making some great-sounding UK Garage-inspired music with Milo (a.k.a. Montréal's Framework) and vocals from Toronto's enigmatic Akua.

The evening's entertainment was presented in collaboration with MUTEK, Montréal's cutting-edge electronic music festival, now in its 15th year. To mark the occasion, 15 DJs and live acts were booked to play an hour each, running from 7 pm to 10 am the next day. Given that it was Nuit Blanche, the line-up to get in snaked around the building and the warehouse-like venue was packed to the gills. The line-up included several Bass Camp participants including live sets from Sanctums, Thomas Cade, and DJ sets from Blue Hawaii, Gingy & Bordello and studio mentor Nautiluss, who had the crowd dancing in no time.