Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp with Egyptian Lover, Prison Garde and HolloH Day Three, Montreal QC, March 2

Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp with Egyptian Lover, Prison Garde and HolloH Day Three, Montreal QC, March 2
To open the third and final day of Bass Camp Montréal, the larger-than-life L.A. legend Egyptian Lover delivered a talk to the workshop participants, who were still standing despite a big night out DJing and partying the night before at the MUTEK-curated 15x15. Egyptian Lover's talk was the most hands-on of the three talks this weekend, including a demo of his skills on the Roland 808.

Walking around the studios, the mood was less frantic than expected; the Bass Camp participants were calmly working away, finishing up tracks they'd been working on all weekend.

Sibian & Faun were making good progress with their Akua-sampling UK-garage style track with Nick from HolloH. Meanwhile on the floor below, Eli Muro was making use of the Kaossilator Pro, just one of the sweet pieces of kit that travels around as part of the RBMA mobile studio. Vancouver's Muro was using the studio gear to collaborate on a track with Toronto's Akua and Montreal Shash'u — a rare collaboration of producers from across Canada's three biggest cities — and Toronto's Harrison was in the corner finishing off a track on his laptop.

Montréal-based solo artists Foxtrott and Mozart's Sister, who before the weekend only knew each other "by reputation," were working together on a track in the SSL studio, getting ready to add their vocal parts. Sitting not far from them, at the mixing console, Gingy was mixing down the track he's made with Blue Hawaii's Agor and Raphaelle Standell-Preston, apparently a collaboration the members had wanted to make happen for a while now, which was turning into a dark and twisted dance-floor monster.

Several of the Bass Camp participants, including Bwana, Holloh and 8prn, opened the final evening's proceedings with DJ sets before Robert Squire, mentor at Bass Camp Montréal, performed a fantastic live set as Prison Garde using modular synths streamed through his Moog Minitaur. Not dissimilar in set-up to his Boiler Room performance last summer, the music was drastically different: warmer, less angular and with way more house grooves. Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan followed with a great live set that moved between house and banging techno with some impressive and daring mixing moves. He made it easy for the headline act by ending his set with Evelyn King's disco classic "I'm In Love."

Headliner Egyptian Lover — an incongruous image in his trilby, collared shirt and earbuds for headphones — started with a scratch-heavy set with healthy doses of electro and hip hop. Throughout his set, he would stop to strike poses in his sunglasses and then return to digging through his crates. It was a hilarious yet well-curated set of party music to end the weekend just right.