Rivers Cuomo Opens Up About Weezer's Ambitious 4-Album 'Seasons' Project

The band will offer everything from dance rock to sad acoustic jams to "happy chill"
Rivers Cuomo Opens Up About Weezer's Ambitious 4-Album 'Seasons' Project
As Weezer continue on their path from humble indie-rock band into non-stop content machine, the increasingly busy group have shed more light on their upcoming four-album project Seasons.

This morning Weezer hit up Good Morning America, where the band's Rivers Cuomo opened up about the ambitious project, which will include four albums called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Cuomo said the project will begin next year, with each record arriving on the first day of its respective season.

"Spring is kind of like happy chill," Cuomo said. "And then we move through to dance rock, like a Strokes-style album for the fall, and then sad acoustic, Elliott Smith-style for winter."

Previously, he also said each album will consist of eight songs, but it's unclear if that's still the plan.

Beyond talking about Seasons, Weezer also performed their song "Hero" on Good Morning America, and you can check out the performance of that Van Weezer song below.

The appearance comes as Weezer get set to hit the road with Green Day and Fall Out Boy for their hugely anticipated and repeatedly delayed "Hella Mega Tour." You can see the schedule here, though it now no longer includes any Canadian dates.