Sharon Van Etten Osheaga, Montreal QC, August 2

Sharon Van Etten Osheaga, Montreal QC, August 2
Photo: Chris Bubinas
Riding high on a wave of well-deserved accolades since the release of her latest, stunning album, Remind Me Tomorrow, Sharon Van Etten sauntered onto the stage, dressed in black, and launching into "Jupiter 4," letting the expectant, sun-drenched crowd know that "our love's for real." Nearby, a swing ride spun people through the air as the song's dark, swirling synths seeped into the atmosphere, adding an ominous layer to the otherwise buoyant festival grounds.
Moving through "Comeback Kid" and "No One's Easy to Love" — both off the new record — Van Etten decided to switch gears with "One Day." off of 2010's Epic, harkening back to a time when her music was much less maximalist.
Throwing in a bit of banter between tracks in an irreverent faux-French accent that had the crowd whispering "isn't she from New Jersey?," Van Etten and the rest of her black-clad band continued with "All I Can," "Hands," and crowd-favourite "Seventeen," which had the audience swaying and cheering.
Carrying herself with the same rock star composure as Nick Cave, but with a much more elegant voice and a touch less intensity, Van Etten made sure to keep the audience in her grasp for the entirety of her short set, releasing them back to reality as the final note from the guitar rang out.

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