Supercrush "I Don't Want to Be Sad Anymore"

Supercrush 'I Don't Want to Be Sad Anymore'
As previously reported, '90s-styled Pacific Northwest project Supercrush will be delivering their second 7-inch single early next year, but you can check out the record's A-side ahead of the official release. Hoping to bring up spirits all around, the lightly jangling "I Don't Want to Be Sad Anymore" is streaming now.

Though the band is composed of Black Breath's Mark Palm and hardcore drummer Aaron O'Neil, the song takes a gentler approach that could have it fitting on a playlist with Teenage Fanclub and the Boo Radleys' cover of the La's "There She Goes." Palm's baby's breath vocals have him healing his mind to get out of a broken situation, walking out the proverbial door since, as the title implies, he doesn't want to be sad anymore.

Though a solid street date has yet to be proffered, pre-orders for the record are up now via Canadian label Debt Offensive and U.S. imprint Painter Man.