The New Arctic Monkeys Album Is "Pretty Much" Done

Drummer Matt Helders has confirmed that the band has their sights set on a 2022 release
The New Arctic Monkeys Album Is 'Pretty Much' Done
Photo: Zackery Michael
Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders can tell that you aren't actually questioning whether or not you wanna know (if this feeling goes both ways): he's confirmed in a new interview that the band's new album is "pretty much" finished and they're aiming to release it in 2022.

The record will mark the follow-up to 2018's Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, which made Exclaim!'s list of the top 20 pop and rock albums that year, as well as the 2020 release of Live at Albert Hall.

This morning, Helders joined 5 Live Breakfast to talk to presenter Rick Edwards and give a drum lesson as part of BBC's Drumathon. When asked if the new album was "ready to go," the musician said:

"Yeah. Pretty much, yeah. It was a bit disjointed how we had to do it and there are bits to finish off, but yeah, it's all in the works."

Helders added: "I think by the time we get everything together, it'll be next year. Hopefully we can get out and tour next summer."

He went on to elaborate a little more on how the album was sounding, telling Edwards:

We tend to always move it on a little bit. For us, because we're so involved in it, it always makes sense. They always kind of pick up where the other one left off in a way; it makes sense when you think about it in the context of the last record. But we always do try and do something a bit different — it's kind of hard to describe. You can tell it's the same band.

We can all rest easy knowing that Arctic Monkeys will still be Arctic Monkeys.

Picking up where they left off, the new project will be the seventh studio album from the Sheffield, UK-formed rock outfit.

To tide you over in the meantime, revisit a classic: Helders recently teamed up with Nandi Bushell for a cover of the band's "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor."