Thurston Moore Plots New Memoir 'Sonic Life'

It will trace the Sonic Youth hero's "wild music and endless wonder"
Thurston Moore Plots New Memoir 'Sonic Life'
Photo: Rick Clifford
Sonic Youth hero Thurston Moore has hit that point in his long and storied career where it's time for him to get more literary. As such, he's now set to release his own memoir.

The book is titled Sonic Life, and in recent years, Moore has brought up the memoir a few times. According to The Bookseller [via Pitchfork], the Faber publishing house has now secured the rights to the book and plans to release it in 2023.

Sonic Life is said to trace the "wild music and endless wonder" of Moore's life and music career, with the synopsis reading as follows:

From his infatuation and engagement with the 1970s punk and 'no wave' scenes in New York City, to the 1981 formation of his legendary rock group, to 30 years of relentless recording, touring, and musical experimentation, birthing the Nirvana-era of alternative rock, and beyond, it is all told via the personal prism of the author's intensive archives and research.

While speaking to American Songwriter last year, Moore explained how Sonic Life would be different than his other literary works, such 2000's Alabama Wildman and 2015's Lyrics & Poems, which mainly consisted of poetry, lyrics and journal entries.

"This is as close as it will be to a memoir," Moore told the publication at the time. "I'm really focusing more on what the processes of being in the world of making music and how people work together, and the documents that sort of inform you, musically, especially early on."

Moore most recent album was this year's screen time, which followed 2020's By the Fire.