Translator IDM

Translator IDM
What is it?
An abbreviation of Intelligent Dance Music, IDM was originally coined to describe the less four-on-the-floor dance music emerging out of the rave and techno scenes of the early '90s. Synonymous with the term "braindance," IDM soon became associated with cerebral electronica and techno that is often either too ambient or too awkward to dance to, spearheaded by labels such as Warp Records.

Who's doing it?
Aphex Twin (pictured), the Black Dog, Autechre, Plaid, µ-Ziq, Beaumont Hannant, LFO, Luke Vibert, Future Sound of London, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Clark, Mouse On Mars.

Where should I start?
Aphex Twin's ...I Care Because You Do, Autechre's Incunabula, Richard H. Kirk's Virtual State, Body Riddle by Clark and Mouse On Mars's Niun Niggung.

What's next?
IDM continues to influence contemporary music including acts such as Baths, Gold Panda, Nosaj Thing, Múm, the Books, Flying Lotus, Groj, Boundary, Björk's Vespertine and Radiohead from Kid A onwards.