​Wavelength's Jonny Dovercourt Reinstated as Artistic Director

He had previously stepped down following allegations of abuse
​Wavelength's Jonny Dovercourt Reinstated as Artistic Director
Jonny Bunce — better known in the Toronto music community as "Jonny Dovercourt" — has been reinstated as the artistic director of Wavelength Music Festival, following a third-party investigation into allegations of abuse.
Bicknell Mediation completed a weeks-long investigation into the complaints, and determined that there was "no evidence to support the allegations that Bunce fostered a hostile work environment."
Wavelength has also enlisted human resources expert Jeanne LeSage of LeSage Arts Management to organize an upcoming open forum to discuss issues like equity and artist payment that arose out of the allegations against Bunce.
In a press release, the non-profit arts organization thanked the staff and volunteers for pulling off the 2018 festival, as well as everyone else "for their patience, understanding, and faith in us as we carefully sorted through a very serious and complicated situation that directly impacted the well-being of individuals we know and continue to care about, while at the same time trying to minimize any impact on the incredible artists, hard-working teams, and supportive sponsors of our series and festivals."
Earlier this year, former Wavelength volunteer-turned-employee Dorice Tepley accused Bunce of bullying her and isolating her from others before she was dismissed from the organization in 2015. No allegations of sexual or physical abuse were levelled against him.
Polaris Music Prize winner Lido Pimienta later spoke out against Bunce's behaviour in her own statement, accusing the festival of unfair financial compensation.
Bunce stepped down from his position prior to this summer's Camp Wavelength festival, which took place August 18 and 19 at Toronto's Fort York.
Bunce co-founded the Wavelength music series in 2000. The Camp Wavelength summer festival started in 2014.